Another book was opened, which is the book of life. – Part II

[comes from part 1]

That woman betrayed me a few months later, she prepared an intrigue against me, I protected her from Monica, I protected her from her enemy, Sandra didn’t have to accept me as her boyfriend if she didn’t want to, but she shouldn’t have kept me in a sea of ​​doubts for so many months. , she shouldn’t have falsely accused me of sexual harassment either, and God knows I’m telling the truth, I’m not lying. Friends, not everyone repays you good with good, not everyone is that neighbor who must be treated as well as we would like to be treated, that rule in the Bible is not the word of God, it is a forgery made by the Roman Empire to use it as a pretext to oppose the death penalty in cases in which it is just to apply the death penalty (Exodus 21:14).
The Romans should not have lied to people of righteous will with very bad Greek advice because not even God loves his enemies but he loves his friends (Nahúm 1), God only loves his enemies in the imagination of his enemies (Matthew 5), they are going to crash with reality, they will crash with the truth: God hates them (Psalms 110).

The Book of Life - parte II

Written by: He who behaves as a true friend for his friends and as a true enemy of his enemies.



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