Another book was opened, which is the book of life. (Part I)

… 1996: I saw her go by, I was sitting on the steps of the IDAT institute, the pen fell from my left hand, I thought like this: «God made Eve for Adam and God made Sandra for me», days later, Sandra and I were alone in a classroom at the institute, she looked at my eyes and said: «José, how beautiful you are» (it was flattery!!), at that moment, I looked up: I saw Satan at her eyes (Sandra was Satan– 1996), I thought I saw a dragon on her right side, it was like a flash, it was like a flash, I thought it was a common enemy (the threatening spirit of my unjust bride at the time, Monica, who had threatened to hurt Sandra), now I know that this was Sandra’s spirit and that she was and is my enemy. » … (read more)

The Book of Life - The woman at the classroom

Written by: He who behaves as a true friend for his friends and as a true enemy of his enemies.



Mi despertar de conciencia el por que soy el rival de David Parcerisa